Read what people have to say about the Turn@bout®!

We installed the spring loaded wheels on one of the pallet jack here at the shop about 2 months ago. It is much easier to use the pallet jack in tight spaces now. I would recommend these wheels be put on every pallet jack. WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

Steve Sinkie
President Heating & Cooling Two Inc.

We finish products for other manufactures. A lot of our products come in 40′ and 45′ containers. The Turn@bout® helps us unload quick and easy. It’s easy maneuverability make for less work and saves steps. The man hours saved makes the Turn@bout® a great investment.

Thanks Grand Steer,
Arlen Nordin

The Turn@bout® has helped us maintain our 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse space more efficiently. The use of space is of utmost importance and this product, because of it’s maneuverability in tight areas allows us more flexibility. I am glad to see Grand Steer producing a product that is well designed and tested.

Glen Follett,
Hi-Performance Engineering, Inc.

I manage a large warehouse and have been using the Turn@bout® system for almost a year. It’s been a great accessory for us. The part I like best is the maneuverability. It makes getting into small spaces a breeze.

Darin N. Johnson,
Warehouse Mgr.

The additional wheels put on the pallet jack are amazing! The pallet jack works good in tight places, and has a short turning radius when pulling the pallet jack out of the pallets, because we turn 1/2 of our pallets sideways in the trailer. It makes for quicker loading time, with less physical effort. Since we have no docks, we load with the pallet jack only. It controls quicker than a regular pallet jack, just taking time to adjust the new tight turning radius. It saves time and takes less work to operate. We don’t have to walk in big circles in our trailers to turn the pallet jacks around for the next lift of pallets. All around, it makes a good pallet jack, much better.

Dan Trontvet,
Manager for TRF Pallet

We’ve been using a pallet jack from Grand Steer, Thief River Falls, that has an extra set of wheels under it. With these extra wheels, the jack turns in very tight places. It works very well inside the semi trailer where we need to turn the pallets and there is no room to get the jack out. With the extra wheels, it turns very sharp and comes out of the pallet easier than one without the wheels under it. I think for people that use a pallet jack, they would like what Grand Steer has made for the jack – I know I do!

Thanks Grand Steer!
Jay Tunheim Production Supervisor

Using the Turn@bout® has proven to be an invaluable tool not only has it increased our warehouse productivity but it has also allowed us to use more of our warehouse for products rather than turning our pallets around. We are very impressed with the quality and price of the Turn@bout®. We have already gotten our return on the investment of the Turn@bout®. It is exactly what you promised it would be. Thank you for putting such a great product on the market.

Townsend Pricing, Inc.
Beth Naslund