Step by Step Installation Instructions
for Installing your Turn@bout®

You will need the following tools for installation.

  • Power Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
Includes: Turn@bout®, drill bit, hex wrench, and template for drilling-holes.
Raise pallet jack to full height
Step 1: Measure X from back of pallet jack,
and mark both forks. X = length of fork times 0,43
Examples for X for different fork length900 mm = 387 mm,
1000 mm = 430 mm, 1150 mm = 495 mm

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Align side of template with mark as
shown. Place template flat on top of
fork and slide to outside edge.

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Hold template firmly in place
Drill pilot hole with the smaller drill bit.
Temporarily drop-in one screw to keep template in place.
Drill second pilot hole.
Remove template.
Then use the larger drill bit to enlarge the holes to
countersink the screw.

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Place Turn@bout®  as shown
and install screws.

Press up on rear of the Turn@bout®
to make sure that it is straight and
moves freely.

Repeat all steps for
other side/fork.


Place Turn@bout® labels onto handle
of pallet jack.
You are done! Enjoy the increased
maneuverability by 72%.
And no more wide turns or
having to kick orwrestle the
pallet jack into position.