Grand Steer INC.

Grand Steer is a national manufacturer of innovative, unique material handling equipment. The company is dedicated to developing superior material handling products that deliver a new level of excellence in maneuverability, flexibility, safety and cost-savings to the workplace.

The Turn@bout® represents a new, unique enhancement to standard pallet jack engineering. Pallet jacks track better, and MORE material is moved in less time and with less effort.

“We are pleased to offer the Turn@bout® as the newest product in our family of material handling improvements,” says Hartmann.

Maneuverability Adapter Helps Position
Empty Pallet Jacks

With Turn@bout® Adapter, length of pallet jack becomes turning diameter of unit. Unit works to get pallet jack positioned under pallet, and is designed to lift up and out of the way so it doesn’t affect stability of pallet jack when handling heavy loads.

Adapter Reduces Pallet Jack Turning Space by 72%

With the Turn@bout® maneuverability adapter, the length of the pallet jack becomes the turning diameter of the unit. Without the adapter, the length of the pallet jack is the turning radius. As a result, a pallet jack with the Turn@bout® adapter can turn in 72% less space.

“The Turn@bout® maneuverability adapter is designed to increase the ease of moving and positioning an empty pallet jack,” says Fred Hartmann, Vice President of Grand Steer, Inc. “The adapter not only works to get the pallet jack positioned under the pallet, it is designed to lift up out of the way so it doesn’t reduce the stability of the pallet jack when handling heavy loads.”