THE NEW and Unique Solution.
Turn@bout® — Pallet Jack Adapter

There are not too many things more difficult to maneuver than a pallet jack, especially when empty. Pallet jacks are engineered to move heavy loads. As a result, they are unwieldy and difficult to maneuver when empty. Pulling a pallet jack is not easy for most workers. They don’t track well: corners get scraped, displays knocked over and people potentially run into.

The Turn@bout® — Provides

Tracking: No more wide turns or having to kick or wrestle the pallet jack into position. Not only does the Turn@bout® easily glide under pallets, the pallet jack follows you like a new puppy. It tracks around the warehouse like its an extension of your arm. You get where you are going safer and faster.

Maneuverability: Maneuverability when you need it…without sacrificing stability or safety. The adaptor not only works to get the pallet jack positioned under the pallet, it is designed to lift up out of the way so it doesn’t reduce the stability of the pallet jack when handling heavy loads. The Turn@bout® Maneuverability Adaptor increased maneuverability by 72%. The adapter greatly reduces the effort of transporting a pallet jack to a pallet and getting it positioned under the load. The turning radius of the pallet jack now becomes the turning diameter. With the Turn@bout® Maneuverability Adapter, a pallet jack can turn in its own length.

Ease of Installation: The unit is designed to retro-fit most major pallet jacks and is easily installed. The Turn@bout® is covered by a 90-day limited warranty. The Turn@bout® fits: Bishamon, Fastenal, Gillis, Crown, Dayton, BT, Lift-Rite, Jet, plus many others. So what are you waiting for! Get Turn@bout®!